Scott Miller – has over 20 years of Sales and Sales Management Experience. These life lessons have been put into place with RampedUp. The RampedUp management team has successfully built sales, social, and marketing enablement companies from the ground up. Scott was the third employee and Chief Sales Officer of Social123 – now Synthio leading the team to $6 Million in annual SaaS revenue. Scott served as a Vice President of Sales for Ceridian – a Fortune 1000 HR / Payroll outsourcing company. He also served as a Principal at The Complex Sale, a B2B sales consultancy focusing on sales enablement, strategy, and execution for the largest companies in the world. Today – Scott is the Founder of RampedUp – a SaaS tool that helps sellers connect with their prospects using direct dial phone numbers.

RampedUp – Getting the attention of a decision-maker is hard work but sellers are 147% more likely to set an appointment when calling their prospects directly. RampedUp helps hard-working sales people by providing a “direct dial” phone number for their prospects – making their job more fun and productive.

Our Look Alike customer functionality identifies the companies and contacts that are the perfect fit for your business. This functionality is also used to score leads and produce tailored content to penetrate difficult accounts.

We integrate with Salesforce but we also create targeted call-lists that are easy to export. Account Based Selling has never been so easy. The Right Person, The Right Message, Right Around the Gatekeeper!