Scott Miller Founder has over 20 years of Sales and Sales Management Experience.

Scott Miller – Founder 

These life lessons have been put into place with RampedUp. The RampedUp management team has successfully built sales, social, and marketing enablement companies from the ground up. Scott was the third employee and Chief Sales Officer of Social123 – the largest, most accurate, and detailed B2B database available. Scott served as a Vice President of Sales for Ceridian – a Fortune 1000 HR / Payroll outsourcing firm. He also served as a Principal at The Complex Sale, a B2B sales consultancy focusing on sales enablement, strategy, and execution for the largest companies in the world. Today – Scott is the Founder and CMO of RampedUp – a tool to help sellers identify and connect with their ideal buyers.

Ken Morris – CEO

Ken Morris – CEO

For more than 25 years prior to joining RampedUp, Ken served in sales and sales management roles at Ceridian, Oracle Corporation and other regional firms, leading teams through new SaaS product training, market rollout and product sales. At the Columbia Action Council, he was Chairman of multiple city-wide community events and was also a volunteer in the local Guardian Ad Litem program. Ken is also a retired military officer with 22 years of service in the Army National Guard.


RampedUp: Keeping current and accurate is a daunting task. Contacts come and go, leads are incomplete, and company information is inconsistent. Sales people rarely update their accounts and finding references is all but impossible.  All of this administration accounts for 27% of a seller’s productivity. That’s why we created RampedUp for – to put contact company and customer intelligence all in one place.

  • We access the public web to find the most accurate contacts buying your products and services.
  • Our company information highlights triggering events and rich corporate details
  • And we find customers that have the same characteristics as your opportunities for quick and easy reference
  • Easily find complimentary or competitive installed technology

The best part about RampedUp is you never have to leave, and if you like what you see, then you can upload the data right from the page.  RampedUp – contact company and customer intelligence all in one place.