What is Account Based Selling without an Account Look Up feature? RampedUp provides sellers with the functionality to look up any Account – by its website – to review a tailored Battlecard.  The Account Battlecard is placed inside of the RampedUp user interface.

  • Company – Delivers Firmagraphic Information about the Company, Company Description, and Web Search results.  The Company tab also reveals Preferred Technologies and links to corporate social profiles.
  • Contacts – This tab shows the top 15 contacts that fit the client’s Ideal Buyer Profile. These decision makers have a public profile URL link along with email and phone number.
  • Customers – Similar customers that are in the same City, State, Industry, and Company size band. Additional functionality exists for account look up by Product, Competitor, and Buyer.
  • Competition – 4 companies that are similar to the Account in terms of industry and size.
  • Technologies  –  Tech that the company uses based on various data and web searches

The RampedUp Accounts tab is integrated with Salesforce.com with the ability to import data directly into the CRM.