RampedUp works inside of Salesforce.com.  This is to make your job and the jobs of your sellers that much easier.  Logging into RampedUp simply requires you to log into Salesforce.com.  The Single Sign On functionality will allow you to seamlessly move between both platforms. This also means the rights and privileges of the Salesforce.com users transfer over the RampedUp as well

RampedUp provides functionality to import users directly from Salesforce.com.  Proceed to the Users tab from the Drop-Down Menu in Admin Settings. The “Include Users” button will import the users and the admin can select the users from the picklist. An email is sent to the users for them to activate the account.  An admin can promote a user to Admin of RampedUp, demote a user or cancel their subscription. They can also resend the email notification for activation. The admin has full functionality rights so be mindful of your considerations.

Please note, a user must accept the RampedUp notification to view RampedUp inside of Salesforce.com and only Salesforce.com users can be RampedUp users.

Assigning Buying Committees to the user: Edit the user by selecting the name.  The admin can select a committee from a drop down menu.  This will limit the results of the contacts to the titles assigned to the committee

Setting Contact Download Limits: Admins can select the number of records a user can download by selecting the users name.

Assigning a Manager: Admins can manually assign a manager to a user.  This will allow RampedUp to notify the manager of Win Story notifications

Promote to Admin: Admins can promote users to Administrators with all rights and privileges

User Reporting Fields:

Search Download Limit Total number of contact downloads / imports
Monthly Download Limit Monthly number of contact downloads / imports
Yearly Download Limit Annual Number of contact downloads / imports
Trigger Events Search Created Has user created a trigger event notification?
Chrome Extension Has user enabled the Chrome Extension?
Last Login When did the user last log-in?
Subscription Is the user currently an Active RampedUp user?
Accepted Invite Has the user accepted the Rampedup Invite?
Admin Access Is the user an Administrator?