Your customers are your biggest competitive advantage in sales yet are the most difficult for sales people to find. Just mentioning customers that have found success using your products and services greatly increases your chances of winning. A recent study from SAP found that sharing relevant customers stories influences 89% of Buying Decisions.  That’s why we created RampedUp

RampedUp finds your customer data and turns it into Win Stories. A Win Story is a mashup of account and web sourced information to provide sellers rich customer detail.  We categorize Win Stories by size, location, city, and state for quick reference.

Win Story is self-populating with company information such as description, industry, and location. We create a Headline with the sellers picture and company logo for a compelling read. Account details include close date, amount, and source. The Win Story can be edited to include more detail however it isn’t required.

To Set Up Win Stories for usage inside of your instance do the following:

From the Admin Tab, click Import Opportunities to begin the process of building Win Stories and select the throttle options. The throttle allows you to pull “Closed Won” Opportunities from based on any or all of these criteria:

  • Close Date: This will ensure only more recent opportunities are pulled
  • Amount: This will ensure only deals over or under a certain amount are pulled
  • Active Reps only
  • Account: This will ensure only certain accounts are pulled
  • Product: This will ensure only certain opportunities where this product are pulled

The filter will stay active for the Opportunities API service pulled from every 12 hours. If there are new opportunities to import – the results will be emailed to you as an Import Report every day.

The purpose of the Opportunities tab is to allow for a central location for the Admin to edit Win Stories that will populate throughout the app. We do not require Admins to complete or edit Opportunities –however the admin can edit the Opportunity if needed.

Win Stories Questions: This will allow for you to build questions to help sellers create a more detailed win story.  Choose from a drop down menu of Products, Competitors, Rep Narrative, Buyers.  These are fields that do not come over from in the import and need to be populated by the rep to exist in the customers and Win Vault fields. The system has default questions aligned with fields inside of the Win Story but you can tailor them to your sales process.  Default Questions: 

  • Congratulations on the Win – can you give us a couple of sentences on how you did it? (Rep Narrative)
  • What are some of the titles of the people who bought from you? (Buyers)
  • What companies did you defeat with your win? (Competitors)
  • What products did you sell? (Products)

Email Notifications: The email notifications are turned off as a default but can be toggled back on the top of the Opportunities tab. This functionality will push a series of 3 emails to the sellers that move an opportunity into to Closed Won.  Theses emails direct the user back to RampedUp to edit or add additional information about their recent Closed Won Opportunity. The Win Import Report notifies the Admin of imported Closed Won opportunities.  Both the email notifications can be toggled ON/OFF.

Customer Insights is a query engine that allows the user to search all of the Win Stories curated by RampedUp from Salesforce and the Web.  The Win Vault defaults to pie charts for the four most popular queries; Win Stories by Source, Location, Size, and Industry. Users can further drill down on Win Stories by 11 additional criteria – including key word – that will search the company description details.  By using multiple criteria, you can discover the perfect Win Story.

Look Alike Customers: Once a user has completed their search – they can search for companies that look like those customers.  Results are pushed to the Leads / Company search engine and are available for download.