B2B Contact data expires at a 24% – 36% rate per year.  That number compounds when you consider the manual entry errors prone to sellers and the bad data uploaded from third party lists. The result is a Salesforce.com instance with highly inaccurate, incomplete, and outdated data.  No wonder sellers look at Salesforce.com as an administrative burden and not a strategic tool to advance deals. That’s why we created RampedUp, we know that if sellers trust the data in Salesforce.com they will use it more often.

Data Cleansing – RampedUp will identify the contact records inside of Salesforce.com and place the INACTIVE term on the First Name field.  This way sellers can immediately know the contacts that they should solicit.

Data Appending – RampedUp will validate the contact records inside of the account and add fields such as title, phone, and email address if it is blank.

Net New Leads – When RampedUp identifies INACTIVE contacts at an account, we share where the contact has moved with contact details.  These contacts and details are added to Salesforce.com as Leads to reengage.