Ice Breakers are personalized snippets of demand generation content designed to incorporate your sales process and RampedUp’s robust understanding about the account / prospect. They can be found on the last tab of the BattleCard or on the My Leads.

Admins can tailor this content and can use tokens by keying the @ symbol to prompt a menu. The below is the token menu:

    • Contact First Name – Prospect’s First Name
    • Contact Last Name – Prospect’s First Name
    • Contact Title  – Prospect’s Position
    • Company Name – the name of the company the contact works for or is populating the BattleCard
    • First Name – RampedUp user’s first name
    • Last Name – RampedUp user’s last name
    • Trigger Event Headline – The most recent news headline for this company
    • Customer 1 – Your most recent customer from Opportunities table within the same industry
    • Industry – The industry of the company
    • Title 1 – First title from Decision Makers table
    • Title 2 – Second title from Decision Makers table
    • Title 3  – Third title from Decision Makers table
    • Competitor 1 – First Competitor in Competition table
    • Preferred Technology 1 – Preferred Technology that matches a Technology of the company

Icebreaker #1 – Use Cases 

Since @<Company Name> and our most recent customer @<Customer 1> are both in the in the @<Industry> industry, I thought I would reach out and share why they came on board. We worked with their @<Title 1>, @<Title 2>, and @<Title 3> to really understand their business, it is what differentiates us. I will have the @<Customer 1> use-case prepared for a call if you are free early next week.

Icebreaker #2 – Triggering Event 

I saw that @<Company Name> was in the news recently: @<Trigger Event Headline>

We work with growing companies like @<Customer 1> in the @<Industry> industry. With the recent news, it looks like a good time to share how we are helping titles such as @<Title 1>, @<Title 2>, and @<Title 3> reach their goals. Are you free for a quick conversation early next week?1

Icebreaker #3 – Competition 

I was researching @<Competitor 1> in the @<Industry> industry and came across @<Company Name>. I saw that @<Company Name> was in the news recently: @<Trigger Event Headline> so I wanted to introduce myself and my company.

If you are you looking for a competitive advantage against @<Competitor 1>, we can help. We help companies like @<Customer 1> reach their goals and would like to do the same with you. Are you free early next week?

Icebreaker #4 – Installed Technologies 

I have done some research on @<Competitor 1> and the decision making process the @<Title 1> did evaluating @<Installed Technology 1> and wanted to share some insights. Are you open to quick conversation on how we helping companies like @<Competitor 1> in the @<Industry> industry improve upon their experience with @<Installed Technology 1>? Are you free to speak early next week?