You can customize RampedUp using the Admin Settings from the Admin tab to tailor your instance of RampedUp. The Edit company information button allows you to complete or edit your company details for our records.

The Battlecard is the Visual Force Plug-In.  You can customize the Battlecard in the following ways by toggling the functionality off/on.

Enable Win Stories: This will allow your sellers to be notified of their recent Wins via email and add additional information such as how the won it, competition, products, buyers etc. This can be toggled on and off depending on the need.

Import Battlecard Contacts As: This functionality allows the admin to dictate if imported records are contacts, leads, or allow the user to decide.

Enable Check Duplicate For Leads/Contacts Import: This functionality will check for records before importing into

Enable Clean: This functionality empowers the user to clean their own account records.

  1. Update and complete the Company information
    2. Update and complete the Contacts associated with this Company
    3. Upload new contacts that are potential buyers associated with this Company
    4. Identify the old contacts and label them INACTIVE

Contact Import: This field limits the number of contacts / leads the users can import into

Enable Clean: This feature will allow the user to clean their account inside of  This will append new contacts, identify INACTIVE contacts, and complete account and contact records.

Enable Client Match Scoring for Accounts. This functionality can be toggle on to score your accounts. A star is awarded for each of the following categories when the account has a match (not in any order):

  • One of top 5 industries based on your clients
  • One of top 5 market segments based on your client employee count
  • Preferred Technology you select based on your product/service
  • At least one contact with preferred title based on your selected buying committee
  • Recent trigger event article showing activity over last 90 days

Decision Makers This section allows the admin to key-in the titles of the Decision Makers to populate the Decision Makers tab inside of  We recommend that you be very specific as we are searching the public web for these titles and you are limited to 15 results. We default the term Chief to ensure results from the onset.

This feature will ensure your battlecard is exposing ONLY the decision makers you key into the system.  It will also ensure your Accounts are scored appropriately when these people are present in the battlecard.

Setting Up Buying Committees – If you have multiple sales teams that sell to different buying committees, you can set them up in the Buying Committees section.  This allows the admin to assign titles to groups or committees.  These committees can then be assigned to users in the user table.

Pro Tip: You can make the Decision Makers functionality default for leads search. 

Products – This section allows you to limit the products the sellers can choose from when creating a Win Story

Competition – This section allows you to limit the competitors the sellers can choose from when creating a Win Story

Setting Up Preferred Technologies: This field allows the admin to select the competitive or complimentary technologies that are important to your sales process.  Once selected, these technologies will be exposed on the home page of the Battlecard so that users will know if the company associated with the lead, account, or opportunity uses those technologies.

Pro Tip  We have a Third Party that helps find additional technologies kept in the Others Category.  After you have found your preferred technologies – go into the Others category and if they are there – add those too.  This will really help with account scoring.