RampedUp, the industry’s leading Account-Based Selling Solution, announced a ground-breaking company scoring feature for their customers. “We are very excited to announce predictive account scoring functionality based on unique capabilities of RampedUp. For years, our customers have been using our Customer Insights for a quick reference library to move deals. Now, we can take the attributes of your most ideal buyers and identify accounts that look just like them” shared Scott Miller, founder of RampedUp.

“Two things that have always set RampedUp apart from other sales intelligence platforms have been the tailored nature of the data we provide. Our customers are exposed to contacts that are unique to their buying committee. We also share look-alike customer data based on a Salesforce.com sync that pulls customer data into our platform in near real-time. RampedUp also tracks triggering events and installed technology used by companies to help sellers understand their prospects better. All this information is used to create our unique scoring methodology.”

Sellers can qualify the fit of their prospects by the number of stars it has associated with the account. A star is awarded for each of the following categories when the account has a match:

One of top 5 industries based on the client roster
One of top 5 market segments based on client employee count
Installed Technology based on products important to sales process
Contacts present with preferred title based on selected buying committee
Recent trigger event article showing activity over last 90 days