Getting started with RampedUp is easy.  First thing to know is that RampedUp works inside and outside of  If you do not have a license then request an activation email to RampedUp here.

Salesforce: Logging into RampedUp simply requires you to log into  The Single Sign On functionality will allow you to seamlessly move between both platforms. This also means the rights and privileges of the users transfer over the RampedUp as well. Let’s get started. Follow these 4 steps to get going:

  1. Create a RampedUp Account by clicking here and then connect with  Reminder – only SFDC admins can sign in initially. Our platform requires API access with to bring over data to RampedUp. We also push contacts, leads, and accounts into if you allow for it. Here is a quick guide to the types of platforms that have API access.
  2. Install the RampedUp Plug In by clicking here . (Note: Salesforce will notify you when the app is installed if it takes some time.)
  3. Place RampedUp Inside of
  • You can only install the app in a Production environment.
  • Select All Users to enable the plug-in for all users of the platform. (You could also select a portion of users)
  • The RampedUp Plug In can be placed on an Account / Leads / Opportunity tab.
  • From the admin set up, first select Account / Leads / Opportunity section you would like to place RampedUp and then go to the Page Layout.
  • Edit the Page Layout
  • Under Fields, drag and drop a Blank Section field in a prominent area of the page.
  • Label the new section RampedUp and select a one column page layout.
  • Click Save.
  • Under Visual Force pages at the bottom of the Opportunity / Account / Lead layout selection drag RU Basic Opportunities / Accounts / Leads to the recently created RampedUp section.
  • In the right hand corner of the section a small wrench allows you to edit the properties.
  • Click the wrench until you see a Visual Page Properties 
  • Change the Height (in pixels) to 400 and select the show scroll bar.
  • Click OK.
  • Click Save.
  • Repeat these steps for Opportunities / Accounts / Leads. if needed.

You can download the entire getting started guide here Getting Started Guide.dotx

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