RampedUp will append incoming leads in real-time inside of Salesforce.com! The process is simple, if we have an email address, personal or professional, we can add the type of information sellers need to make informed sales calls.

Append accurate title, company, industry, phone number, size and location to incoming leads. When you add the RampedUp Plug-In you can also find triggering events, installed technology, and look alike customers. The only sales intelligence tool you need.

Reporting: RampedUp will send a daily report to the Salesforce.com admin detailing the appended leads over the past 24 hours.  The admin can then download these leads into CSV for reporting purposes.

How to set up Real-Time Lead Appending: 

The Appending tab in the Admin Settings is reserved for Appending Leads, Contacts, and Accounts directly inside of Salesforce.com

Lead Imports: This will enable RampedUp to append Leads as they come into Salesforce.com. Toggle the Lead Import functionality to ON/OFF to govern the functionality.

  • Leads Appended – This section details all the leads RampedUp has appended on your behalf
    • Download CSV – this will allow for downloading the leads into a CSV based on the following:
    • The last 24 Hours
    • Appended Dates
    • Company, City, State, Country
  • Enable sending of appended leads daily report. – This functionality will send you a daily email to all administrators to review the leads that RampepdUp has appended in the last 24 hours.
  • Append Fields Mapping; will allow the admin to select and map the fields from RampedUp to import into Salesforce.com.
    • Include in Import: Will allow RampedUp data for import
    • Always Overwrite: RampedUp data will overwrite data in Lead Field
    • Overwrite only when incoming value is not blank: Conditional Rule
    • Overwrite only when customer value is blank: Default Conditional Rule

Pro Tip RampedUp can accommodate custom fields as well as create a “Modified by RampedUp” field. For the Modified By RampedUp field to work, you would to need to create a Checkbox custom field and it should be named ‘ModifiedByRampedUp’ for either Leads/Accounts/Contacts objects on your SF instance. You would also need to set it the “Include in Import” and “Always Overwrite” to start appending the field also.