RampedUp empowers sellers with critical intelligence that sparks buying decisions. Trigger Events are corporate initiatives (either positive or negative) that generally proceed new purchases.  Unlike following a company and waiting for the trigger to occur – RampedUp finds triggers then provides company detail in context to make a sales call.  Since RampedUp is integrated with Salesforce.com – sellers can import trigger events as leads for action items!

By using the Trigger Events search Engine – sellers can search potential buyers inside in their territory parameters such as location, size, industry, and revenue.  Sellers can also search on the type of trigger event that most impacts their sales process.  Below is a list of trigger events we categorize and follow:

  1. Partnerships and Joint Ventures – New partnerships require new personnel, process, and software to manage the pursuit.
  2. Mergers and Acquisitions – When companies are acquired, it’s a lot like Noah’s ark – there are two of everything. All is put under review to see what is staying and what is going.
  3. Corporate Expansion – New markets require new go-to-market strategies including new personnel, facilities, and administration.
  4. Products and Services – New products need fresh advertising, branding, and marketing. They also need new channels and sellers.
  5. Personnel – New executives come with new agendas and most likely are a 180% different from the predecessor. As an example, a new sales executive will make $1,000,000 in her first 90 days in the office.
  6. Legal Issues – Companies that make it into the news for legal reasons want to tell customers and shareholders they have a plan of resolution.
  7. Research or Analysis – Companies release independent research to share thought leadership within a certain industry or subject. These are great partner opportunities.
  8. Investment and Financing – New money means new funding for initiatives. Venture Capitalists don’t invest their money to watch it sit in the bank.
  9. Real Estate – Changing or adding locations is the consummate sign of growth. New employees and new office space means new investments.
  10. Awards – Companies want to show leadership that transcends profit and loss. These are often pet projects for key executives.
  11. Events – Events are the perfect opportunity to see your prospects in person or help drive attendance to a user conference.
  12. Earnings, Performance, Dividends – Public companies are beholden to stockholders and poor earnings often means changes are on the horizon.

Find Contacts / Companies for these Triggers – Once your search is complete, push the results to the people search for contacts that work at these companies or the companies themselves.