My version of RampedUp is Blank?

You most likely haven’t activated your instance from the activation email sent to you from – check your junk file or contact your admin.  If you have accepted, try refreshing the page or disabling your pop-up blocker.

Where does RampedUp get contact and company data?

The data comes from multiple data and news sources as well as your instance.

Is my company’s Data safe inside of

Yes – your company’s data is password protected and secured through HTTPS encryption. The same process used by most CRM companies. Only you and your company’s subscribers are able to see this data. Please review our Privacy Policy for more detail

What is the Clean Button on my Account page?

This button will allow the user to clean their account inside of  This will append new contacts, identify INACTIVE contacts, and complete account and contact records.

Can I use RampedUp if I am not on

We have a stand alone version and a Salesforce integration. Our Salesforce product sits on top of and pulls Win Data directly from the CRM. Our software has single sign-on with as well so no user name or password exists without this integration. To review the versions of that are compatible with RampedUp – please review this site:

What is the customer insights tab?

The customers are your company’s customers.  We import Closed Won opportunities and append company level data to create a Win Vault for reference.  The Customer Insights tab is disclosing customers that look like your Lead / Account / Opportunity.

I sold a deal but it isn’t inside of RampedUp – why is that the case?

The administrator may not have chosen to make your win data available, you are not subscribed to Ramped Up so your data isn’t available, or you are looking in a win report frequency outside of when your deal was sold. Please contact your RampedUp administrator for more detail.

How do I import leads / contacts into

The leads / people tab inside of allows the user to import leads or contacts into  The assignment rules are located on the right to assign ownership to anyone but the user. If you need more than what is shown – the Request All Contacts button will search the entire database. The results will be under the named “View All Contacts” button available for download or assignment.

What browsers support RampedUp?

  • Mozilla® Firefox® (preferred)
  • Google Chrome
  • Apple® Safari® (be sure to set the Block Cookies setting to Never)

I am not receiving the Win Report via e-mail like the rest of my team. How do I receive the emailed Win Reports?

You need to be a subscriber to RampedUp to receive the emailed Win Report. If you are subscribed please check your account information to ensure your email address is correct.  If your email address is correct, check your junk folder.

The Leaderboard reports show me in a different place as my ranking reports – why is that the case?

The Leaderboard reports are just for the frequency of the Win Report – the four choices are weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly. The rankings are specific for this period of time.

How do I add my part or edit My Win Stories?

Go to the “My Wins” tab and select the Won Opportunity attributed to you.  From there you can edit your Win Story.

Do I need to be a Admin to be the RampedUp admin?

Yes and No. Only a admin can kick off the Connect module and import users from into RampedUp. Once you are connected – the Admin can promote you to an Admin in RampedUp.

What exactly does the solution do with Salesforce data?

We connect to your API for Oauth privileges to facilitate SSO. We also import opportunities, contacts, accounts, and leads so we can append RampedUp data to preview inside of our Visual Force App and back into

How is the data transferred?

Data is called via API from and imported into RampedUp.

What data are we giving RampedUp access to within Salesforce?

We have access to users, leads, contacts, opportunities, and accounts.

Where is the RampedUp data stored (all locations)?

RampedUp is hosted on Amazon Web Services and

What are the security measures for RampedUp?

Rampedup uses AWS and has strategically placed a limited number of access points to the cloud to allow for a more comprehensive monitoring of inbound and outbound communications and network traffic. These customer access points are called API endpoints, and they allow secure HTTP access (HTTPS), which allows you to establish a secure communication session with your storage or compute instances within AWS. To support customers with FIPS cryptographic Amazon Web Services, the SSL-terminating load balancers in AWS GovCloud (US) are FIPS 140-2-compliant. In addition, AWS has implemented network devices that are dedicated to managing interfacing communications with Internet service providers (ISPs). AWS employs a redundant connection to more than one communication service at each Internet-facing edge of the AWS network. These connections each have dedicated network devices. Transmission Protection You can connect to an AWS access point via HTTP or HTTPS using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), a cryptographic protocol that is designed to protect against eavesdropping, tampering, and message forgery.