How do I contact support?  email or use our support page link

What are your Hours of Operation? RampedUp support is available from 8:30 am – 5:00 pm Eastern, Monday through Friday. Clients must be current and active to receive support

Do you offer API access – Yes – you can access our API documentation through our Developer’s Portal here.

What is a Contact Credit? Contact Credits are decremented from your account after downloading them into a CSV file or importing them into  Customers cannot exceed their contact credit allocation and must contact RampedUp for additional credits.

What sources does RampedUp use to collect B2B contact details?

RampedUp uses data from publicly available sources including social media, corporate websites, and press releases.  We provide the original source of the data on all of our contact records.  For many of our email addresses – we collect these from the users themselves via mobile app conformations.

How does RampedUp ensure appropriate consent (opt-in) for direct marketing? 

As a data controller, opt-in consent cannot be transferred to our customers (processors.)  We do not provide the consent of these individuals to receive any solicitation and any communication to these individuals is done so at your own risk.  Please abide by the laws governing the individuals you are soliciting.

Does RampedUp manage opt-out requests/right to be forgotten, does RampedUp use data related to individuals who objected to marketing contacts?

We make the option to be removed from our database easy to find on our privacy policy page.  Once we confirm the individual wants to be removed, we first remove the person from our database and notify via email all the customers that have downloaded the record of their obligation to remove the individual from their database.

Does RampedUp manage data lifecycle and therefore delete contact details after a certain period of time?

Yes – our contact data is updated continuously and is removed from our database after a period of 2 years.

What is Contact Validation?

This field in Data Appending will identify if the contact still works at the location you have for the email address.  The process is simple – we verify that the most recent company we have on the contact is the same as yours.

Where does RampedUp procure company data? The data comes from multiple web and news sources

What are the fields for email validation?

  • valid– These are emails that we determined to be valid and safe to email to, they will have a very low bounce rate of under 2%.
  • invalid– These are emails that we determined to be invalid, please delete them from your mailing list. The results are 99.999% accurate.
  • catch-all– These emails are impossible to validate without sending a real email and waiting for a bounce. The term Catch-all means that the email server tells you that the email is valid, whether it’s valid or invalid. If you want to email these addresses, we suggest you segment them into a catch-all group and know that some of these will most likely bounce.
  • SPAM – These emails are frequent complainers or not associated with an individual – thus very risky to email.
  • unknown– These emails we weren’t able to validate for one reason or another. Typical cases are “The mail server was down” or “the anti-spam system is blocking us”

What is a catch-all email server?

A catch-all email server is also referred to as an “accept all” server, which should help you understand how it functions. A catch-all is a mail server configured to accept all emails sent to the domain, regardless of whether or not the specified mailbox exists.

Office 365 mail servers are mostly catch-all, therefore unverifiable by other services. For instance, the RampedUp mail server is Office 365 and is set up as catch-all, so any email address at the domain would be accepted, such as  or

Can I Resell RampedUp data?

No – customers agree that the data obtained from RampedUp is not available for resale without consent of RampedUp. You will forfeit the remainder of the subscription if found in violation.  We do offer resale agreements if this is your use-case for our data. 

Does RampedUp Resell my data?

No – we do not add our customers data in our database.  All of our data is linked back to the source.

Where does RampedUp obtain Direct Dials?

We work with a third party that researches publicly available websites or calls the company headquarters for this information.  We do no read your emails and use it for contact information (like ZoomInfo)

Does your privacy policy conform to GDPR and is the basis for procuring and licencing data to 3rd parties? 

Our privacy policy was written to comply with the GDPR / CASL / and the CCPA:

Can you please provide details of what security measures are in place for the transmission of personal data?

Our data security policy can be found here